So you’re reading some of my posts on how to be a servant leader, inspire others and transform yourself, and now you’re wondering … what exactly are my qualifications?

My answer is that I have no formal qualifications. I am not an expert, or a doctor, or a certified coach. I haven’t made millions of dollars and I’m not the world’s greatest leader.

All I am is a regular guy, who is passionate about leadership, works in a leadership role, loves reading and lives in Germany. But I have accomplished a lot over the last couple of years (and also failed a lot) and along the way, most important, I have learned a lot. And that is why I want to share these experiences with you.

Here’s what I’ve done so far since October 2010, when I started my professional career and jumped into a personal transformation which is still ongoing:

  • Received my Bachelor of Science degree
  • Started as a SAP Basis Administrator
  • Become an ITIL Expert
  • Public speaking at the Best Management Congress 2013
  • Promoted to a leadership role
  • Public speaking at the Best Management Congress 2014
  • Learned agile concepts for IT
  • Public speaking at the Best Management Congress 2015
  • Started my Service Desk Orchestra
  • Learned about Management 3.0
  • Experimented a lot with Managent 3.0
  • Experimented a lot with modern leadership tools

This is my professional life in short. I’ve done several projects during that time and improved my leadership style over time. I tried a lot of different methods, some worked, some failed, and I’m happy to share them all with you on that blog.

I have no claims to perfection. I fail all the time, on a daily basis. But I don’t let it stop me. Maybe I didn’t improve myself today. But that doesn’t mean I won’t improve tomorrow, and over the long run, I’ve made incredible progress.

How have I done all this? No magic tricks, no special amount of determination or dedication. Simple methods, the stuff I talk about on this site, and stuff that I’m still learning to improve myself and my leadership style.

It is a journey, with no destination, that we are on, my friends. Join me. Together, we’ll accomplish a lot and have fun along the way. And maybe we make an impact to the work of others and help them be happy at work.

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