I’m sure you think: What is he talking about… What does he want to say with that titel?

Well, I’ll make it easy. Do you know the company “Not impossible, Inc.”? No? Nevermind, I didn’t also until I met their CEO at Pink Elephant congress in Las Vegas a couple of years ago.

The company name says everything about what that company does. They create products everyone said it’s impossible to create them. This company is operating all around the world and their goal is to help people with disabilities to make their life easier. Their gerneral principle is “Commit! Then figure it out”.

As I listened to the keynote of Mick Ebeling I was deeply impressed on what they do. For me they make a huge impact to the world and show how important life is. The keynote made me think – what is my role in this world? How can I help to make this world a better place?

My take-away “Commit! Then figure it out”

I really took home their pricinple “Commit! Then figure it out.” This means you commit to something even if you don’t know how to do or fix it. After you commit, search for experts and options to make it happen.

When I looked at my day-to-day life there are a lot of things where I or others are saying “That’s not possible”. We say this because it would be a huge effort to make it happen and possible. We are not looking for solutions, often only because we rely on things we heard from others or because we made an experience under other circumstances and stick to that, even then when the environment and world has changed.

And now I’m here, writing on that blog about what I’m passionate for – servant leadership. This sentence stick in my head and my heart for a long period of time. And everytime I thought I now start a blog and start coaching others I resisted. I resisted because I thought no one will read that blog, there are so many others out there who already write about that and it is not possible to get heard. Now I remembered that sentence and I think my voice matters. My experience with leadership, my observation of other leaders and unhappy teams are worth sharing. I got support from my girlfriend and this is very important because she also kicks my ass on that.

Comit! –> Done

Then figure it out –> Working on it 🙂

Since I have that mindset now and started with what I always wanted I thought it would be great to share that story with you. I’m sure you all now situations where you get told “That’s not possible” or where you think by yourself “Me, no I can’t do that”. My recommendations at that point, share your idea with your family or a close friend and let them kick your ass. Usually there is somewhere in the world someone who knows how to do it or help you to find the solution by yourself.

If you still believe that it is not possible to live your dreams or make thinks happen, why do you think do we have airplanes? Why were we flying to the moon? This was mostly based because someone had a dream and wanted to realize it.

If you look into the current work culture and how companies are operating since years there is often a huge demand for a change. But often the only answer employees get from their leaders “That’s not possible, because…”. In my opinion they do not want to change something that worked for them for a lot of years, even they have to change themselves which is always hard for everyone.

Don’t be a leader who thinks like that. There is always a way to make things better. Leadership is not a goal, it is always a journey which changes over years. There are a lot of great communities  out there who want to change the working culture (I personally can recommend Happy Melly), but it needs you and me to get these visions to real life.

So if you still think you can’t change yourself or the culture you are working in, join me and learn from my experiences and let me know your challenges and ideas.

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