Hi! Welcome on my website. I am a leader and writer, helping teams and leaders to grow and be happier at work. I offer real-life stories, experiments, tools and practices, so you can use these in your organizations.

Every leader should care about their biggest asset – PEOPLE!

Leadership is one of the most important factors nowadays why people quit their jobs, why they are demotivated at work and why companies are not successfull or fail to improve.


Only 15 % of the employees are loyal to their company and go beyond daily business. All other employees are doing business as usual or already quit their job in mind.

How is this in your company or team? Do you feel your employees are engaged, motivated and working with the company? As a leader I’m responsible to bring this engagement back to my team. It is my job to help the company and my employees to move and grow. And it is also your job as an entrepreneur, leader, manager, and even employee.

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Learn here how you can improve your leadership skills. Read about real-life stories, successes, failures and lessons learned. Download templates  and find useful resources that will help you become a better leader.

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Still struggeling if you can find answers to your questions on this website? Don’t worry, you will find whatever you need and if it is not here yet please let me know and I will answer your open questions with a separate story. Until then have fun reading and experimenting with the stuff you can find here!

Are daily standup meetings only for agile development teams?

I'm sure some of you already heard of this buzzword Agile. And if you read more about Agile and Scrum as a framework for developers you might find the ideas interesting. But then you realize you don't have a development team. The priority of your team is operational...
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Remote Team Collaboration – Group Chat

Are you leading a remote team? Have you ever had challenges in getting your team to collaborate? I'm leading a remote Service Desk team where one person sits in another location then the other seven team members. And sometimes people are working from home. When I...
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Discuss conflicts using a visual Weather Chart

Sometimes it happens that people on your team or within your company have conflicts with each other. There are several reasons why these conflicts occur and often it is hard to find a solution for that conflict. For me it is very important that people who have...
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Commit! Then figure it out.

I’m sure you think: What is he talking about… What does he want to say with that titel? Well, I’ll make it easy. Do you know the company “Not impossible, Inc.”? No? Nevermind, I didn’t also until I met their CEO at Pink Elephant congress in Las Vegas a couple of years...
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Is your team an orchestra or are they all soloists?

I love music. Music helps me to relax, workout or stay focused at work or at writing. I listen to a lot of music. And that’s also a reason why I often see things with a relation to music. So do I with leadership. You as a leader are kind of a conductor of your team...
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